Toilet No No’s


The City of Edmonton has produced some great material on the water treatment process. It is quite interesting to see the full cycle of how water starts off in a tap, enters into our bodies, which then ends up in the toilet. After a very thorough process of treatment and ensuring that toilet wastewater is clean and safe it could end up as treated water.

In order to maintain and protect our eco-system it is even more important to ensure that what you are flushing down your toilet is not harmful.

1.Tampons and Feminine Products

Do not flush Tampons and other feminine hygiene down the toilet.

2.Grease, Oils, Fatty Food

Do not flush Grease, Oils, Butter period. It may look like a liquid that can easily be flushed in the toilet, but when it cools, it will congeal and clog up your pipes. You can get a container and pour your oils and grease into it, then use the garbage.

3.Baby Wipes/Wet Wipes/Cleaning Pads

Do not flush wipes of any kind, whether they are baby, adult, or cleaning pads. We are in a time sensitive world and these are so convenient, but they belong in the garbage!!. Wipes are damaging draining systems and the repairs and cost to the eco-system are significant. An expensive plumbing snake expense can be avoided by using the garbage and not the toilet.

4.Dental Floss

Do not flush dental floss, it is not biodegradable and can cause environmental damage. Have a garbage bin in your toilet and use it for dental floss.


Do NOT even try to flush a diaper in a toilet. You might as well call us at 780-951-7540 if you have attempted this.

6.Paper Towels/Tissues

Do not flush paper towels, if you have seen the advertisements for these products they make them very thick to absorb all messes. Paper towels and tissues are not designed to dissolve and disintegrate when you flush them. Please look out for the environment and use washable cloths and rags, but if you have to use paper towels, throw them in the trash, not the toilet. Tissues and paper towels are not made to dissolve like toilet paper; throw them in the trash.

7.Cigarette Butts

If you have to smoke, throw the butts away properly, do not flush them in the toilet. The chemicals and toxins are not good for the water supply and belong in the garbage

Link to Video by City of Edmonton

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