Edmonton Drain Cleaning

Dumping oil in your kitchen sink after cooking some bacon or butter and sour cream is something you should avoid. It maybe liquid oil when you put it in the sink, but the oil just sticks to your pipes and no amount of hot water or soap will get rid of it. The products that should never be put into your kitchen sink and should be put in the garbage are many.


Grease is the most common and the worst product to put in the drain. It starts off as a liquid, but it ends up solidifying and once it interacts with other products in the drain the by-products are terrible for your drain. Many other grease products like butter, cooking oil, and any thanksgiving gravies. All of these should be collected in bottles and put in the garbage.


Paint contains many toxins and is very harmful to the eco-system. Edmonton has eco station locations that will accept paint and other toxins. Avoid at all costs dumping paint into your kitchen or toilet drains. There are many eco-station locations across Edmonton and you should visit them.

Link to Edmonton Eco Stations acceptable items.


There are many medications that are used frequently for headaches, or minor pain relief. Medications such as Ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, and Tylenol contain chemicals and if they get into the water system they can be harmful. If you have expired medication or want to dispose of medication you should use the garbage or the medications returns program http://www.healthsteward.ca/

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