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Customer service is the name of the game at Yegplumbers.ca. We believe that the customer is always right and that when our expert, professional plumbers are taking care of your water heater repair and replacement needs, they’ll treat you, your home, and property with the utmost courtesy and respect. We generally always have the right parts and equipment on hand to fix your water heater issues on the spot, quickly, and efficiently. Each of the members of our team is highly skilled, trained, licensed, and certified to work on any type of water heater you may have. And if your water heater is simply beyond repair, we can provide the best, new and modern water heater to meet your home’s needs. Simply put, our experts can solve your water heater problems, we guarantee it.

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More About Water Heater Repair and Replacement

Factors Behind Water Heater and Replacement

Your water heater is supposed to provide you warm water as long as there is a supply of gas or fuel. However, sometimes the water heater does not offer hot water at all, or it provides you lukewarm water or very warm water.

If you are observing some disparities, you need to look for water heater repair work and replacement services in Red Deer County.

Hot water heaters can last for more than ten years depending on how well you take care of them. For them to last that long, they need to be well preserved which can be done by an expert plumbing.

Heating Parts Burning Out

Electric hot water heaters have this common issue where the heating element stops working on the water heater by either burning out or has some circuitry problem.

If your heating system starts producing only drops of hot water, you should not overlook that but rather have the system examined to guarantee the water heater is working properly.

Production of lukewarm water implies one of the heating units has stopped working and failure to produce hot water suggests that the elements have stopped working.

Before you replace your heating elements, examine whether there is a problem with the circuit breakers as they might have tripped. If there are no circuitry issues, you have to replace the heating elements.

You can change the heating elements yourself but for safety reasons, have a plumbing professional do it in Red Deer County AB. When looking for water heater repair work and setup, call a plumbing technician.

Burner & Pilot Failure

Burner failure is common with hot water heaters that are gas powered. The burner is the system just below the water tank where gas jets come out and ignite to move heat to your tank.

After an extended period of use, the burner might become dirty, or it may get rusty making it hard to draw in oxygen.

In such a situation, the jets do not come out completely, and the tank will not heat up making the tank produce cold water.

Besides the burner, the standing pilot light may stop working, and this indicates the burner will not spark. The pilot being the electrical ignition system its failure would mean entire system failure.

In case of burner failure, the plumbing in Red Deer County AB will need to clean it to eliminate dirt. The ignition system can be fixed or replaced.

Failing Gas Control Valve

Red Deer County Water Heater Repair and ReplacementWhen the gas control valve fails, the supply of gas to the burner is cut, and no heat is produced. This is a typical problem and one that house owners can easily spot.

The valve might need to be replaced once it fails which can be done by a plumber.

Failure of the valve can also result in gas leaks which are detrimental to you and your family. Get this inspected right away to prevent mishaps.

Get Hot Water Heater Repair Work and Installation Services

If you employ a plumbing to examine your water heater a minimum of once every year, they will identify problems before they become deadly.

There are many more issues that can happen including gas leaks and failed faucets. You can also learn how to maintain your system by asking a plumbing technician for tips.

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