Why is my toilet running? The causes could be many and the most common are:

– Old Toilet that needs to be replaced
As toilets get older they tend to get inefficient. The new toilets are much more efficient and do not consume as much water per flush as the older toilets. The savings that can be had by the reduced water spend per flush can be significant.

– Old or Fragile Flapper Piece
The flapper piece lifts up when you push down on the flush, and after flushing it is meant to return to closed position and prevent further water flow. They get old and the seal is not very good causing the water to continue running. Replacing the flapper is simple and can have savings in the water consumption. Having the toilet continually running can be shock to your monthly water bill.

A consistently running toilet can silently go through hundreds of gallons of unnecessary water, pushing up your water bill. To get a professional diagnosis and permanent repair for your running toilet, contact your Edmonton Plumbers, YEG Plumbers

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